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David Norden

In a crucial moment for the world of Tribal Arts, Ana &Antonio Casanovas from Arte y Ritual and Alain Bovis Gallery present two consecutive exhibitions in Paris with a selection of masterworks from the Kerchache collection:

1.”HOMMAGE” June 16-July 22 2006
2. “NIGERIA” September 13th –October 20th 2006



The Quai Branly

We want to pay an HOMAGE to Jacques Kerchache and , in his name, give support to an important historical event : the opening of the Quai Branly,one of the most important museums in the world dedicated entirely to “les Arts Premiers”. Jacques was first appointed to asses the selection of art works for the “Pavillion des Sessions” in the Louvre Museum which was conceived as an antennae of the Quai Branly.He had a crucial role in the creation of this innovative museum and was an important member of the Acquisition Committee.

Jacques could be considered the “ambassador”, of all the traditional artists from Africa, America, Oceania and South East Asia for his role in defending their rights for them to be recognized and valued as all other artists in the History of Art. The “eye”: his sharp eye supported by a vast academic knowledge - he went several times around the world visiting and studying all the tribal sculptures in Museums-.allowed him to become one of the best experts in the world of “non- European Art” and create a collection of world masterpieces. ”The difference between a common art work and a masterpiece is by millimeters”

Expert :he was curator and organizer of important exhibitions in museums and in his private gallery. A genius of the “miss en scene”. Responsible for rediscovering and promoting the artistic value of such important cultures today as the Mumuye, the Lobi and the Mahongwe. Author of important articles and books.

Adventurer: Insatiable traveller in search of art treasures. He took part in traditional rites and rituals like the Voudu in Togo. Deep understanding of the native people and their traditions.


“Arts premiers,un nouveau regard sur l’Art Africaine”1975
“L’Art Africain” Citadelles & Mazenod,1984(Coauthor)
“Scultura Africana”Villa Medicis, Roma 1986…
“Picasso ,Afrique, état d’espirit”
“L’Art Africaine dans la collectionBaselitz”



“Des Mahongwe” Paris 1967
“Fleuve Sepik” 1967
“Les Lobi” Paris ?
“Afrique ,Amerique,Oceanie”Paris 1969
“Masques Yoruba” 1973.


“Derain et l’Art Negre”
“Picasso Afrique”,
”Primitivism in XX c Art”MOMA ,New York 1984
“Scultura African,Hommage á Andre Malraux,Vila
Medicis,Roma 1986.
“L’Art des sculptures Tahino 1994 “


“HOMAGE” to Jacques Kerchache
June 16 .- July 22 2006

A major selection of 21 masterpieces from the Kerchache collection ,most of them exhibited and published in important exhibitions and publications will be presented in Paris between the 16 June and the 22 July. An exceptional byery Fang from Gabon from the collection of the well known dealer Paul Guillaume ,later on acquired by Kerchache, with segmented round cubist volumes and which can be considered the maximum exponent of Fang sculpture, an incredible ancestor figure from the Hemba dating back to the 18th century with a delicate spiritual inner expression, and dark deep patina adding to the beauty of this masterpiece.(published in the famous book “LUBA”-F. Neyt- by the Dapper Museum).

A Bangwa fetish figure from Cameroon in a unique squatted bent pose, with arms and legs freely executed showing the originality of Bamileke sculpture and one of the oldest Mahongwe reliquary figures known from Gabon which is the perfect example of what is probably the most famous abstract representation of a human being in African Art-actually used by Jacque as his logotype-,covered by greenish patina due to long exposure underground, as to complete a list of some the art works that will be exhibited and published on the catalogue with the same name “HOMAGE”,all of which have become icons of the forms of expression of African Art.
“NIGERIA” –Jacques Kerchache
September 13th –October 20th

A monographic selection of 27 important pieces from different Nigerian cultures, from the Kerchache collection ,an area of the world which specially interested Jaccques as it is the source of some of the most incredible and free invention sculptures in the African continent. This can be seen in pieces like the Mumuyes ,one of Jacques major discoveries to the art world. The powerful Mbembe drum finial which could remind us of a modern expressionist sculpture for which reason it was exhibited and published in the land mark exhibition “Primitivism in XX century Art”, in the MOMA, New York, where he had a key role in the selection of the tribal objects. A very rare Tiv shrine sculpture, to our knowledge the oldest and most beautiful example known ,an impressing Urhobo sculpture , several small Wurkum planting figures with cubist and abstract forms , a nice selection of Ekoi and Ejagham heads,and a fantastic horse skull from the Abalaki ,covered all over,eyes inclusive, with rottan fibre, and with the incredible almost “Picassian” invention of putting the hooves of the horse as the ears.

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