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Result of the research Result of the research : 'enchantment'

Image MEDUSA: The African Sculpture of Enchantment
MEDUSA: The African Sculpture of Enchantment
Détails sur le produit: Relié: 256 pages - Editeur: Five Continents Editions (mars 2009) 
Langue: Anglais - ISBN-10: 8874394691 - ISBN-13: 978-8874394692
Descrizione libro: Five Continents Editions, 2008. Genève, Musée d'ethnographie, 14 November 2008 - 30 December 2009. Photography by Jonathan Watts. English text. Milano, 2008; clothbound, pp. 239, 118 col. ill., cm 24,5x29. Una selezione di importanti maschere e statue di arte africana, la cui funzione principale era quella di incantare le persone, così come la Medusa della mitologia greca pietrificava chiunque ne incrociasse lo sguardo. Queste opere non avevano il compito di rappresentare una persona o una cosa, ma possedevano un potere magico che agiva sul mondo e sulle persone che partecipavano ai rituali iniziatici, religiosi o terapeutici. Circondate di segreti e realizzate con una maestria eccezionale nella lavorazione dei materiali, le sculture e la maschere venivano presentate ai profani in complesse e impressionanti drammaturgie. L'autore passa in rassegna gli elementi costitutivi delle opere, i materiali e i colori, il soggetto, infine ne specifica il simbolismo e l'uso
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The discovery of "primitive art": an art of strength
Shapes and shape functions
Deities and ancestors
The living wood

Force and Measurement

Develop an aesthetic of black Africa is seen as a risky business in many ways. Is it legitimate to isolate these objects, that today we call art, the general framework of their relations and their cultural constraints? Can we submit to a test that has never existed in the minds of their creators? And can we finally see in this art - if we 'take on this term - a uniform phenomenon, despite the wide variety of both regional and local styles we offer this huge continent, following lengthy Historical developments often poorly understood? Finally, remember that this approach excludes large regions, including Africa white, that is to say the Mediterranean area with its ancient history, the eastern and southern Africa whose pastoral peoples have given rise to cultures almost without images, and finally these hunting societies, which, even in our time have not passed the stage of evolution of prehistoric rock paintings which are the main evidence of an artistic production that appears at various points the continent. Similarly, we must exclude from our contribution to the aesthetics of black African art the old feudal societies, including Benin. Our discussion is therefore limited to large areas farmers, the true cradle of

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