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Art Gallery the Eye and the Hand

In 1950s, it was possible to find many objects at the price of 10 francs on the flea markets of Europe. The first objects to take value were those of the Benin because they were bronze, then came the fashion of objects to black patina of Ivory Coast, and those of Bakota of the Gabon plated by copper and by brass. The big statues were worth more expensive than the babies, while most often in Africa, if they are small it is to be able to hide them more easily because they have a particular importance.  

In 1983, a Parisian trader, Jean-Michel Huguenin, makes discover seats Sénoufo. In 1985, another Parisian trader, Réginald Groux, discovers the ladders of lofts Dogon — coming from the cliff of Bandiagara — and Lobi in the region of Mopti (Mali).He acquires a first lot of fifty, makes them socler and sells them in his gallery by making a pretty benefit. In total he will sell more than 200 of these objects bicentenaries. In 1990, another Parisian trader, Maine Durieux, makes discover irons forged by Bambaras (10 cm figurines).

  • Statue of queen Bangwa (Cameroon), 3,41 M.$ in April, 1990, Sotheby' s New York.  
  • Big Byeri de Chinchoa (Gabon), 2,5 M.FRF in June, 1990, Drouot Paris.  
  • Female statue of ancestor Bambara, 900 000 FRF in December, 1990, Paris.  
  • Mask Mukuye Punu (Gabon), 617 142 € in June, 2004.  
  • Plate of the Benin (by 1580-1620), 503 250 € in June, 2004.  
  • Plate of the Benin of the XVI-XVIIth century, 691 200 € in December, 2004.  
  • Mask Ngil of culture Fang (Gabon), 48 cm high, wooden, representing a stylised face paints in white in the kaolin, 5,9 M of euro (with expenses) June 17th, 2006, Drouot Paris, becoming so the most expensive work of first arts never sold in the world.  
  • Dogon statuette representing a horseman, 85 000 € (2007).  
  • Snuffbox tschokwe of the XIXth century, 25 000 € (2007).  
  • Nkisi statue-reliquary, 145 000 € (2007).  
  • Feminine Sénufo statue, 844 250 € in December, 2007, Sotheby' s Paris.  
  • Statue Yoruba, Mother to the child, 450 000 € in January, 2008, 53rd fair of the Antiquarians of Brussels.

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